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Here at Cash for Junk Cars in San Jose we care about the customers more than we care about ourselves. If quick and easy cash for your junk car is what you’re looking for, you’ve came to the right place! It is our mission to make sure every customer leaves happy with the decision that they sold their junk car to us! We are very competitive when it comes to the amount of cash we give for your vehicle, because again we want our customers to leave happy. We purchase any type of junk car you could possibly have.

If it’s not running or even if you don’t know if it will ever run again, we don’t care, we want it! We will also take cars that are not in the worst shape! You can drop you vehicle off if you feel the need to but we offer other services that you might enjoy. We will take your car from where it is at and give you cash on the spot for it. You give us a call and set up a time that’s good for you and we will be there for your convenience. Nobody wants to deal with hassle and stress when it comes to this so we make it our mission to be stress free. If you find somewhere else more hassle free then we are let us know so we can cater to you! Most companies now a days don’t care about the environment when it comes to this business. We personally make sure that every single vehicle is disposed of in an environmentally friendly matter. The environment has enough problems with waste without us adding to the problem, so we guarantee that we will not contribute to the environmental waste! If you are still not sure about going with us then you should give us a ring or stop in. We will make sure all your questions are answered and that you are satisfied with every decision you make regarding your junk car. So don’t wait till you’re tired of looking at your vehicle rust, give us a call or stop in today!

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